Post Malone Visited Upstate NY Diner This Week


Post Malone Visited Upstate NY Diner This Week


Celebrities venture to New York City all of the time but it’s quite the news when one of them continues their way north toward us.

Rumor has it that Post Malone is filming something in Upstate NY and took a break to visit a Poughkeepsie diner.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, rapper Post Malone went to Hurricane Grill & Wings the other night for dinner. “Marissa Mackey, a waitress, said she served the rapper during his visit. Post Malone booked a reservation under a pseudonym and brought a party of roughly 15 people, according to Mackey.”

The whole party ordered chips and guacamole, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders and wings, steak and macaroni and cheese bites. They also had a few Moscow mules as well. He ended up picking up the $500 bill. Apparently, the rapper was incredibly nice and had no issues taking pictures with staff.

Who knows, maybe on an off-day he’ll head up further north and visit us in the Capital Region.

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