New Restaurant Open Opposite Times Union Center


New Restaurant Open Opposite Times Union Center


Remember when the world was some sense of normal and you’d grab some food around the Times Union Center before a show or game? Well, I can’t wait for normal because there’s a new restaurant in town.

It seems to be a troubling space to fill based on the restaurants that were there before it. Hopefully, with the kind of food they’re serving and the Times Union Center starting to open up, they’ll have some success.

The Spinning Gyro, which refers to itself as a Turkish Mediterranean restaurant, opened in Downtown Albany across the street from the Times Union Center. You can take a look at their menu online.

They’re offering Mediterranean standards like beef or chicken gyros, gyro sandwiches, greek salads, appetizers like hummus or tzatziki, bureks, and sides like stuffed grape leaves. Order in person or through GrubHub.

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