Square One Cafe Starts New Social Media


Square One Cafe Starts New Social Media


After a surprise close, Square One is giving it another shot.

If you’re behind on the story, we were all surprised when we heard that Square One Cafe in Schenectady was closing. No one more than owner Chelsea Heilmann. Based on posts she put on Facebook, the co-owner of the business took the building and business out from under her.

That’s not stopping Heilmann. On top of a few pop-ups she has scheduled in the area, she is looking for a new place to start her vegan cafe again. One thing that has come from all of this is that her ex-partner is looking to take away her social media accounts. In order to keep fans of the business up to take, she has created new accounts to follow.

You can follow the new Facebook account: Take_Two

You can follow the new Instagram account: Take_Two518

Follow these new accounts and support Heilmann in her new ventures! We’re gonna miss Square One Cafe in Downtown Schenectady, can’t wait to hear of her opening somewhere new!

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