Massachusetts Opens Indoor Nerf Arena


Massachusetts Opens Indoor Nerf Arena


Have you ever gotten in trouble as a kid shooting Nerf guns all over the house? No? Just me? Well, make your childhood dreams come true at Massachusetts indoor Nerf arena.

Gymja Warrior (how great is that name, by the way) has two locations, one in Danvers (about 3 hours away) and one in Woburn (about 2 and a half hours away). According to Only in Your State, “The space is mainly used for parkour, gymnastics, and acrobatics for kids, but they’ve recently started offering thrilling Nerf gun battles!”

I know what you’re thinking, kids get all of the cool stuff and how come we didn’t have this growing up? I have great news for you, the Nerf gun battles are for anyone 12 and up! They have Nerf War and Nerf War XL which is in a bigger arena (and probably better for adults). You do have to bring your own Nerf gun to the “war” so make sure you pick up a good one and have a ton of extra Nerf bullets.

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