You’ve heard great things about The Cuckoo’s Nest in Albany but you live closer to Schenectady? If you haven’t gone yet, you’re missing out on their sister location The Nest.

Owners Devin and Kaytrin have grown up here in the Capital Region and in 2015, decided to open Crave Burgers and Frozen Yogurt in Albany. A few years later, in 2017, they got the bug again and opened The Cuckoo’s Nest across the street. Then, in March 2020 they planned to open their third location, The Nest until COVID hit. After waiting out the challenges and putting some more time in their Albany locations, they finally opened up The Nest in what used to be Slidin’ Dirty.

The Nest brought Southern-style foods to Downtown Schenectady. With their well-known fried chicken specialties, they put a delicious twist on the southern foods you’re used to.

If you’ve never had their fried chicken sandwich, you’re already missing out on a classic. The most recent time I dined there, I went right for the Hot Chick Soul Bowl ($16). That has Mac and cheese, fried chicken, ranch, bacon, gruyere, and hot sauce all in one delicious bowl of goodness. The portion size was perfect and was an even pairing of the fried chicken and the Mac and cheese (I was afraid it’d be a Mac & cheese overload).

You really can’t go wrong with what you order from The Nest. Their food is fresh, tasty, and something a little different than what you can get in Downtown Schenectady. Also, if you want to foodify your Instagram feed, the food they post will make you drool on your phone!

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