This is the time of year that you’re trying to get healthier, no? New year, new you sound familiar? Let’s be honest, that’s hard. How about not a completely new you but one day where you can set your body straight?

I will preface this with the note that I’m not a health professional and before you make any serious changes to yourself or your diet you should check in with one.

I’ve been a fan of True Juice Cafe since they opened. Their juice is fresh and fantastic and their food is amazing. I decided to take the leap for the new year and try their one day/6 juice cleanse ($51/day or $150/3 days). All of the juices are made local and in-house. I’d never done anything like this so I was curious how it would go.

Before I started, I had some worries. I thought I’d be starving all day. I thought I’d be exhausted and I assumed I would get a headache (I don’t drink coffee, I’m just prone to headaches).

FIRST JUICE was celery juice. Celery juice is thought to improve the overall digestive tract. It can work as a natural laxative and is obviously high in vitamins (credit). It was similar in consistency to water and kind of tasted like that cucumber water you get in spas. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t something I see myself adding to my everyday routine.

SECOND JUICE was OG Carrot (Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger). Carrot juice is thought to benefit your eyesight, immunity, have anti-cancer effects, skin health, heart health, and so much more (credit). This juice was delicious. The consistency was juicy, not thick like a smoothie, and the flavors went together so well, I really enjoyed this one!

THIRD JUICE was Strong Green (Celery, Broccoli, Kale, Dandelion Green, Lemon, Ginger, Parsley). Green juices improve digestion, help in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity (credit). I’ll be honest with you, this one wasn’t my favorite. I, overall am not a fan of green juices so I had a feeling going in that this was going to be rough. It takes a certain kind of person to drink greens like that and I am not one of them.

FOURTH JUICE was Deep Roots (Carrot, Beet, Apple, Lemon, Ginger). Beet juice is known for lowering your blood pressure, improve muscle power during exercise, may slow progression of dementia, and more (credit). I didn’t expect this to be as tasty as it was. You could definitely get the flavor of the root vegetable but paired with the apple made this juice quite delicious.

FIFTH JUICE was Sweet Snap (Apple, Lemon, Pineapple, Ginger). Ginger is good for digestion, lemon and pineapple each great sources of Vitamin C, and there’s a reason they say an apple a day keep the doctor away with all of its health benefits. This is my favorite juice. It’s got the bite, the sweet, the flavor, it has everything and I can’t get enough!

SIXTH JUICE was Vanilla Nut Mylk (Water, Almonds, Cashews, Maple Syrup, Cacao, Mesquite, Vanilla). This was the perfect end because it was similar to a milkshake. This is where I was starting to get a little hungry and having this added protein was perfect AND it was delicious!

I drank one juice every two hours and I tried to make them last the full two hours so that I wouldn’t notice I wasn’t eating. Overall, I wasn’t hungry during the day, I had a ton of energy (more that usual), and no headaches. I felt great at the end of the cleanse! If you’re looking for something to jump-start your new healthy path or feel like your stomach hasn’t been happy lately, give this juice cleanse a try. Start with one day and go from there, it was a lot easier (and delicious) than you think. For more information, check out the True Juice website.

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