Is there something that you do when you’re just looking to pamper yourself? Well, if you’re looking for a relaxing treatment for your eyelashes and more, check out 518 Beauty Room.

I was looking to get some kind of beauty treatment and came across a lash lift and tint from 518 Beauty Room in Glens Falls. 518 Beauty Room is made up of three female professionals, Catelyn McCann, Amanda Holmstrom, and Angelica Marquina.

Catelyn had reached out to me on Instagram to tell me that I was the perfect candidate for a lash lift and tint. What is that, you ask? Before Catelyn explained it to me, I had zero clue, to be honest. It was a process that took about an hour and even about two weeks later, I’m still seeing results!

To start you lay on your back on a table, similar to a massage, but the focus is all on your face. They ask that you come with clean eyelashes with no mascara residue. They clean them up for you but it’s always nice to make it as easy as possible. Then, my upper lashes were glued to a pad on my upper lid with a sugar-based adhesive so that they would curl (that’s the “lift”).

Next, they need about 10 or so minutes to process, so you get a wonderful aromatherapy facial massage during that time. It wasn’t a full facial massage due to COVID restrictions and having to keep my mask on but it was still lovely.

Last, it’s time for the tint. Catelyn picked a brown/black color to look natural with my fair skin tone. I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time so when I finally got to see my lashes I was so impressed – I loved them, I still love them. I’m fair skin with light ginger hair so I have to wear mascara often. With the last lift and tint, I haven’t had to wear mascara or curl my eyelashes since and you can see them!

The entire service costs $100 but it’s totally worth it since the color and curls last about 2 months. I highly recommend Catelyn who was incredibly professional and kept me at ease with my very first time trying something like this. I can’t wait to go in for my next one! To see the full experience, check out the video below!

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