Son of Egg, Albany


Son of Egg, Albany

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You may think running a business is difficult in the middle of a pandemic, it is, but can you imagine opening during a pandemic, that’s what Son of Egg did.

What was once The Dutch Pot Jamaican restaurant, is now a Korean-American restaurant called Son of Egg that opened up May of this year.

According to WNYT, Mincho Ko had an idea for her new restaurant, found the space and then all of a sudden COVID-19 hit. When many would have decided to wait it out, she decided to open anyway and I’m glad she did! The menu was originally going to be a bit larger but this quite bite location delivers a lot.

I love Korean bulgogi so when I saw a sandwich on the menu, there was no question that I was ordering that. The food was made-to-order and so incredibly fresh. If you’re not familiar with bulgogi, it’s similar to a steak in texture but the spices make it something out of this world.

They offer sandwiches, like the one I got with various options, rice bowls, and other small bites with the option to add house-made kimchi. Their food is incredibly authentic and though they’re in a perfect location for students and other workers, I just wish they were closer to me (luckily, Albany isn’t too far). If you’ve never had Korean food before, this is a perfect first step.

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