Prime Burger Steakhouse, Troy


Prime Burger Steakhouse, Troy


Hidden inside of River Street Market is one of the most beautiful milkshakes you’ll ever have and it’s at Prime Burger Steakhouse in Troy.

Prime Burger Steakhouse is the sister location to 677 Prime in Downtown Albany. They take “the classic formula of the burger and shake restaurant and elevates it using signature blends of USDA Prime Beef.” The Prime Burger patties are, “a 100% grass-fed and finished Randall Lineback heritage breed burger, an organic all-natural fried chicken patty, and of course, (the vegan) Beyond Burger.”

What I love about Prime Burger Steakhouse is that your burger is fully customizable. You start by deciding the bun (including a lettuce bun option), then you decide on the patty (which include chicken and Beyond Burgers), and then you end it by deciding between the 6 styles or building your own.

I ordered the Bistro burger on a soft brioche ($8.68) which was lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, mushrooms, bacon bam, and Horseradish Black Truffle Aioli. It was delicious, I didn’t even feel the need to build my own. The burger was cooked perfectly, which is to be expected from a Prime location and everything was very fresh.

Now, for the star of the show, the shake. I ordered the Cookie Shake ($10.94) that had Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Crushed Cookies, Cookie Crisp, Mini Chocolate Chips, and Whipped Cream. It was just every bit delicious as it looks. I originally ordered it to share but I wish I could have had it all to myself. They have 4 other options of Outrageous Shakes (and I want to try them all), as well as some regular shakes ($5.98).

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