East to West Spice Company, Schenectady


East to West Spice Company, Schenectady

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Looking for a new local way to *spice up* your meals? You know him for his gourmet burgers but now, grab some of Dave’s East to West Spice for your next meal!

You are probably familiar with Chef Dave Kahn from his Gourmet Burgers, Fries, European and Asian cooking but now, he’s starting another venture of spices. After experience in a ton of different restaurants, “there is 29 years of personal and work experience behind perfecting this Ultimate Spice.”

I had the chance to try this Ultimate Spice and it was delicious. There are a ton of different spices to choose from: basil, cayenne pepper, cumin powder, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, smoked paprika, turmeric powder, and the Ultimate Spice (also in low-sodium).

The Ultimate Spice really is ultimate because you can use it on anything to freshen up a protein you’ve grown bored of or any other kind of dish. In the spice is Amchur Powder, paprika, garlic powder, and more. So many spices and so many uses, definitely a must-have for your pantry!

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  • I know chef Dave Kahn personally ,from Dave s gourmet burgers and more.his signature fries were black fries,the spices and seasoning he used were out of this world.his new website for his spice line is https://www.easttowestspicecompany.com/ .
    For professional taste at home you must try his ultimate spice on any meat or vegetate dish.

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