Trouvaille Eats & Sweets, Schenectady


Trouvaille Eats & Sweets, Schenectady


Who doesn’t love cheesecake, am I right? Well, there’s a new cheesecake ruler in town and they’re based right here in Schenectady. You gotta taste Trouvaille Eats & Sweets!

I love the meaning of their name, Trouvaille, “a valuable discovery, or a lucky find; something discovered by chance; a windfall.” That’s kind of how I came about trying the delicious cheesecakes from Trouvaille Eats & Sweets.

I started seeing their treats gain popularity on Instagram and knew I had to try them. They gave me a small sampler box of three flavors and honestly, I have a hard time deciding which would be my favorite.

The three I got to taste were the Arnie P, the Old Fashioned, and the Fluffy Elvis. The Arnie P was similar to an Arnold Palmer (iced tea/lemonade) and the fact that it tasted like a much better Arizona Iced Tea was amazing to me. I figured that had to be the best one, then I tried the next flavor. The Old Fashioned is the regular signature cheesecake. When your plain cheesecake is that good, with no added frills, that should be illegal. Last, the Fluffy Elvis would have to be my favorite if you made me choose. Something about the light, not overpowering banana flavor with bacon, peanut butter, and marshmallow – dangerously good. I think that one I may have hit in my fridge so I didn’t have to share it.

They have a ton of other flavors that you can check out on their Instagram page and preorders are open for Thanksgiving!

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