Taj Mahal, Schenectady


Taj Mahal, Schenectady


The restaurant that was once right off of State Street has moved uptown to a bigger location but still has the same great food.

After some building issues in Downtown Schenectady, Taj Mahal has moved to the back of the old St. Mary’s Church. Upstairs is the newly renovated Renaissance Banquet Hall and downstairs in what was once the church basement is now Taj Mahal.

I think it was a great move for the restaurant. The kitchen is beautiful and the space is a lot bigger than what they had before. Overall, the only change I would make is to update the signage in the area so that you’re aware that they’re around back.

I had the opportunity to check out friends and family night earlier in the year to taste some of their popular foods. First, if you’re debating on the mango lassi, order the mango lassi. Everything else was so delicious, the samosas, the chicken, and the sauces they had made a delicious addition to the already flavorful plate. I’ve had their garlic naan in the past, which is also a must order.

If you’re a fan of Indian food but haven’t made your way to Taj Mahal yet, you’re missing some of the best in the area. Order through DoorDash, GrubHub, etc.

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