SKB Sweets


SKB Sweets


While you’ve been stuffing your face with cookie deliveries, there are a few other local companies that are doing some amazing sweets that you have to try, like SKB Sweets.

I had the honor of trying some delicious treats from SKB Sweets after a pop-up at their home location. There were so many great things to try, it was hard to limit myself to only a few items.

I ended up with a delicious cupcake, jar cake, macaron, and a fruit tart. Each item was better than the last. If you’re looking for some delicious local sweets, check out what SKB Sweets has to offer through their menu online or order via Etsy.

Coming up in December, they have two different holiday decorating classes to get you ready to bring something amazing to your Christmas party. On Saturday, December 5th you can RSVP to their cupcake decorating class or their cookie decorating class just by DMing them on Instagram.

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