Tasteful Luxuries, Colonie


Tasteful Luxuries, Colonie


COVID-19 started as the era of the cookie business but it seems like it’s ending the year the era of the charcuterie board and no one is happier about it than me!

If you’re not familiar with charcuterie boards, they’re delicious snack boards full of meats, cheeses, and sometimes chocolates and fruits. The first of the 518 that I had the chance to try was Tasteful Luxuries.

Jennifer, the owner and creator of Tasteful Luxuries, was born here in the Capital Region. She says she started the business to combine “art with the love and comfort of food.”

There are a ton of different boards that Tasteful Luxuries offers for a special occasion, a holiday, or a just because that you can find on their website. She offers a box for one ($15), The Mini ($25) that serves two people up to The Lux ($125) that serves 8-10 people.

If meat and cheeses aren’t your thing, you can also order a dessert board. There’s a s’mores board ($45), fruit and chocolate board ($75), a candy board ($75), or a birthday board ($85-125). Hosting a brunch? She’s got you covered with a brunch box too ($75-125).

There’s just something about a charcuterie board that is filling but not too heavy. It’s like designing multiple different bites all from the same ingredients. Pairing cheeses with meats and then trying something new and before you know it, the board is gone!

We had a sampler board, thanks to Tasteful Luxuries, and everything in the box was so fresh. I liked it so much, I ordered another one for a “just because” afternoon with friends. One of my friends is a vegetarian and Jennifer was happy to accommodate with more cheese options than meat. Everything was so delicious. These are not things that I would normally buy or put together myself but I’m glad ordering it is super easy!

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