The Paper Dragon, Albany


The Paper Dragon, Albany


Why just get a pork bun when you can have so many other options for a bao at The Paper Dragon?

The Paper Dragon has only been open less than a year but has made such an impact on the Albany culinary scene. After a couple of hiccups in the beginning, they’ve finally found their home at 33 Maiden Lane.

Owners Melissa Salamone and Jeffrey Via have a passion for Asian food and brought their twist to Salamone’s home, the Capital Region. Their bao buns are made in-house and though it took a little longer to put together, I knew what I was getting was going to be fresh. They also offer gluten-free bao!

I got the pork belly because it’s a classic, the shrimp roll because it was such an interesting concept, and General Tso because I love it. Each one was better than the last to taste. It was also a perfect amount of food for a light lunch and the bao was phenomenal. I just wish they were closer so I could order from them more often!

They do have a Facebook page where you can follow their menu updates and what they may be offering each day. I just wish there was a menu online that I could look at.

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