Local Bear Enters House to Find Snack [VIDEO]


Local Bear Enters House to Find Snack [VIDEO]


It’s scary to think of someone entering your house uninvited, one local family got an even more unconventional guest.

Technically this isn’t *bites* or *sights* locally but this video is too crazy to not share! One Indian Lake family was surprised when they found a black bear had entered their house overnight.

The Post Star shared the story of how the bear entered the house and went right for the fridge to see what he could find. He didn’t stop there. Then, he started to graze the table to see what else was left out conveniently for him. The bear ended up eating some blackberries, pancake mix, crackers and a cherry pie.

I know bears have different internal organs than humans but if that were me, my next stop would be the bathroom looking for Tums or Pepto Bismol.

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