I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life than I did driving through Adirondack Animal Land in Gloversville.

NOTE: Adirondack Animal Land is closed for the 2020 season.

My family and I decided to drive to Gloversville to experience Adirondack Animal Land and wow, an experience it was. The concept of the whole place is that you drive through the space feeding and petting the various animals.

I’m not sure how they did it pre-COVID but no one is allowed out of their cars and you just drive through everything slowly. We started out driving to the ticket booth, paying $12.00 per person, and then $5/cup of food.

We continued along the way to where we saw at giraffe. We couldn’t go anywhere near the giraffe but it was still really cool to see. Next, we drove through this open space filled with emu, camel, zebras, and more.

The emu were crazy. One of them saw the cup of food in my Mom’s hand and reached all of the way into the car to try and eat it. She ended up having to try and push him out, it was honestly hilarious. The rest of the animals were really respectful. I couldn’t believe how close we got.

As we continued the drive, we went through a lot of deer, we saw a wolf but it was caged to the side (for obvious reasons), llama, a bison, and pigs. It was a great time! We brought my 4-year-old cousin who had a blast but was a little intimidated by the emus.

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