The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter which means fall is on the horizon. The Governor has released guidelines for what we can expect from our favorite falltivities.

The Cuomo Administration announced on Tuesday the rules and regulations we’ll need to follow in order to enjoy our favorite fall fun.

Luckily, we will still be able to enjoy hayrides, haunted houses, and corn mazes this year, but we will have to follow new guidelines put in place. As with everything else, capacity will be reduced. We will have to continue to wear our masks (which actually may be more entertaining with the haunted atmosphere of some of them). Also, hayride surfaces will be disinfected and petting zoos are prohibited.

Some local businesses are already changing their fall plans to accommodate the regulations. For example, some popular haunted houses will be converted into hayrides. Take a look at upcoming attractions because they may have changed.. As always, if you’re feeling unwell or have a temperature, stay home.

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