Death Wish Coffee Moves Headquarters


Death Wish Coffee Moves Headquarters


Death Wish Coffee, known for being the “strongest coffee in the world,” has moved out of Malta to a brand new home.

No worries, we can still keep ownership of Death Wish Coffee in the Capital Region because they may be moving but they’re still ours. According to the Saratogian, Death Wish Coffee will be moving their headquarters to Downtown Saratoga. More specifically, they moved to 260 Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

They wanted to begin working from the new offices in March which just so happened to be the same time the NY Pause began. The space is five times larger than their last space which is bigger than they wanted but they fell in love with it anyway.

Half of the employees are back while still keeping social distancing regulations but they are allowed to work for home if they prefer. The coffee itself is still being made at their Round Lake facility.

The next step is opening part of the space as a storefront in the fall, “offering coffee products and merchandise, including some exclusive items that will only be available at this site.” No word yet if they will add a coffee shop to the space.

For more updates, follow their website.

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