Want to go on an adventure? Travel to the state border and you can ride what is not only the country’s biggest zip-line but the 7th biggest in the world!

Columbia County is home to Catamount Mountain Resort which is home to the largest zip-line in the country, according to Only in Your State.

ZipTour broke down the two spans of the Catamount tour. The first is the Ridge Zip (900ft long) followed by the Catamonster Zip (5,523ft long). The Ridge Zip runs parallel to the “Ridge Run” ski trail. After completing this, you take a short hike to the Catamonster. The Catamonster begins at the top of the mountain and brings you all the way to the bottom of the resort. The entire trip can take as long as 2-3 minutes.

According to the website: ” After an initial video demonstration from our trained staff, this adventure proceeds to the demo zip, onto the lift, where a gorgeous ride will transport you to the summit, and on to zip 1. Zip 1 is your first chance to try out your skills, feel the speed, see the views and take it in. A short walk brings you to the start of zip 2. This is the CataMonster, the moment you’ve been waiting for. You can almost make out the base of zip 2, over a mile away and over 1000′ vertical feet below you. The only thing in between a suspended cable. Take a deep breath, its your time to fly. ” 

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