Gi Bakes Cookies

There’s no doubt that cookies are the thing in the Capital Region right now. A lot of their cookie styles are similar but there’s one thing Gi Bakes has that no one else can claim.

Gi Bakes was started by Gi right in Glenville, the main difference between her and all of the other cookie makers right now? She’s 9 years old!

9-year-old Gi has always loved baking and finally decided to turn it into more than just a hobby. To order cookies, go to their Facebook page and request cookies through Facebook Messenger.

Each week, go to the Facebook page and see which cookies are available. This week, I ordered The Classic, CPB (chocolate peanut butter), Pochocolate (chocolate and potato chips), and stuffed cookies the Krispie Marshmallow, Fluffernutter, and OMPB (stuffed with PB ball). Gi also slipped in “The Party” so I could get a taste of her signature bubblegum cookie.

Cookies are $1 each and $2 for the stuffed cookies. Can’t go wrong with that deal, right? And she just started to sell them at Buhrmaster Farms every so often if you forget to order.

I had a great time tasting these cookies, take a look at what I thought.

  • Gi Bakes- Fluffernutter
  • Gi Bakes- OMPB
  • Gi Bakes-
  • Gi Bakes
  • Gi Bakes
  • Gi Bakes
  • Gi Bakes

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