Crossgates Mall Announces Opening

Has anyone else been totally confused by these phases? There were four phases but then, malls couldn’t open. If you have questions, Crossgates Mall has answers.

Crossgates Mall, after hearing that they would not be opening with phase four, remained in limbo. No news on when they could open. According to a recent press release, “Tenants continue to call for equal treatment and be permitted to open at the same time as other businesses in the local market and in neighboring states. Yet the State of New York ignores their responsible pleas, announcing recently that malls would remain closed.”

Now, the governor has announced that malls will be allowed to open as long as they have the proper health and safety precautions in place. Crossgates Mall, among other shopping centers, have strongly suggested that they already had these in place preparing to open with phase four.

Well, we may have had to wait a little longer but Crossgates Mall has announced that they’re ready to open Friday, July 10th.

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