Live Out Your Fairytale in this Catskills Hotel

You can experience life in your favorite fairy tale with this whimsical hotel in the Catskills,  The Roxbury at Stratton Falls.

The Roxbury Motel has been run since 2004 by the same owners. The motel was known for its 1960s and 1970s themed rooms like I Dream of Jeannie and The Wizard of Oz, according to Hudson Valley Magazine.

In 2014, the co-owners Gregory Henderson and Joesph Massa heard a house down the road was for sale. By house, it was more of a mansion, including its own private waterfall (that they live-stream). That is what eventually became The Roxbury at Stratton Falls.

There are “seven themed guest rooms that pay homage to the history of the property.” The other half is the tower cottages that are “five distinct buildings, three of which are duplexes.” The rooms each have different themes that are decorated so intricately. They have, for example, the Faerie Forest or a Galileo-themed room as options.

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