Cookie Therapy Alb [VIDEO]


Cookie Therapy Alb [VIDEO]


They’re the cookies everyone’s talking about and I finally got my hands on a box – Cookie Therapy Alb.

Cookie Therapy Alb was started by Ashley and Faye who describe themselves as “friends, moms, & serial entrepreneurs who find baking to be incredibly therapeutic.”

The way it works is that on Sundays they open up their website to orders. You can choose from their various boxes which include their cookies of the week or any special cookies they may be offering at the time. You have about 24 hours to order unless they sell out so get them while you can.

I had the opportunity to get their special ice cream box. Each of these cookies was based on a different kind of ice cream that you might get from the ice cream truck. Take a look at what I thought of Cookie Therapy Alb.

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