Bake for You and Dunkaroos

We’re in the middle of a cookie boom here in the Capital Region but, if you ask me, someone was already rocking the cookie game long before this all started – Bake for You.

Back when I was a little blog that could, I was invited to try some cookies from a company called Bake for You which was working out of a church basement in Downtown Albany. Flash forward to now and Bake for You just continues to expand and recently opened a new location in Slingerlands.

Each week, Bake for You puts their menu on their website and you can order online what you’d like to pick-up curbside (for now, anyway). I ordered the Girl’s Best Friend cookie (chocolate chips, potato chips & pretzels), cranberry scones, and obviously Dunkaroos.

If you ask me, the Girl’s Best Friend cookie is perfect for any time and any craving. It’s crunchy and crispy and hits all of the spots. Dunkaroos are a part of my millennial childhood and I had such a great time creating them myself.

So, if you’ve tried all of the other cookies but haven’t had Bake for You, then you haven’t had them all. Get yourself some Dunkaroos and live your 90s kid fantasy in deliciousness.

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