The Healing Meals Will Meal Prep for You [VIDEO]


The Healing Meals Will Meal Prep for You [VIDEO]


Have you ever told yourself that you’d eat better if only someone would make your meals for you? The Healing Meals will!

The Healing Meals, based in Albany, was started by a website programmer who wanted to cook more. Their goal is “to provide people with quick, healthy alternatives to “fast food” when life gets too busy! Not a diet, not a weight loss plan – just the ability to eat healthy food, conveniently and affordably.”

The word diet is scary. You don’t want to feel like you’re eating less or restricting yourself. It’s even more difficult to eat healthy when you add work, kids, and life to it, right? Take a breath and check out what The Healing Meals has to offer this week.

Instead of worrying about what you have to cook after you got home from work, just take out a Healing Meals container, heat it up and a healthier dinner is on the table in minutes! No need to stop and get fatty fast food all of the time when you have great, healthier ingredients already put together in a dinner for you. Plus, you get to decide the meals and how many you want.

Take a look at my Healing Meals experience, where I had an avocado/egg breakfast and Gluten-Free enchiladas.

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