Wilton Man Arrested for Wooden Penis in Yard


Wilton Man Arrested for Wooden Penis in Yard

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I had to read that title a few times myself but, it’s true. A local man was just arrested because he carved a wooden penis statue for his yard and yes, there’s a website.

Okay, a bit of backstory. This isn’t just a random guy who thought it would be funny to have a penis statue in his yard. Apparently, he’s not only been having issues with Wilton but also with his neighbors. This was a bit of an “F You,” if you will.

For the full story, you can go to the official “Wilton Woody” website.

Who knew something so silly could change this man’s life. As Jamie Gagne posted on his website, “Who could have guessed a cheap laugh at a silly statue may just brighten up the neighborhood and bring people together. I’m a live and let live kinda guy, up until I erected this thing I had never met many of my neighbors, now it’s opened up a dialog and more neighbors have stopped to say hello or discuss my artwork than ever before.”

The seven-foot penis has been outside of his house for the last nine days and already has caused quite a commotion. As News Channel 13 posted, “Gagne complied with state police and moved the statue into his backyard. He’s since returned it to the front lawn and placed it behind a sign with the words “Adults Only” spray painted in red.”

Well, that wasn’t enough because he was later arrested for public display of offensive sexual material.

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  • Thanks for sharing my story and shedding light on this whole situation.

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