Troy Restaurant Quickly Ordered to Close

As of last night, City of Troy officials posted a notice ordering the immediate closure of 207 Broadway, also known as “The Clark House.” This includes Little Pecks, The Grocery and Donna’s Italian and American Restaurant which just celebrated their first night open.

Vic Christopher, the building’s owner, said the closure came without warning this evening after he had invited city code officials and the new fire chief to inspect the four-story historic building. The upper floors are currently under renovation, with plans to re-open as socially distanced dining rooms sometime in the future under the name, The Tavern.

Apparently, the building is in violation of City of Troy Code Ordinances Chapter 141 Section 18A.

Christopher said the officials expressed concern with an incomplete staircase on the building’s first floor. He offered to close The Grocery and even go as far as to close the restaurant to customers indoors so he can still serve outdoors.

“To do this to a restaurant now, after all we’ve been through just isn’t right. We’ll do what it takes to comply with Code but we can’t afford to be shut down now. We just brought back seven staff members off of unemployment,” Christopher said. “We’ve been training our staff for weeks for our opening today. We’ve purchased thousands of dollars of food.”

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