Plane Landing at Schenectady Airport [VIDEO]


Plane Landing at Schenectady Airport [VIDEO]


Sometimes I post things to keep you informed. Sometimes I post things because I wanna tell you about this thing I did. Sometimes, things are just cool and this is one of those things.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of the Capital Region while you’re landing in Albany International? The windows aren’t the best quality, and sometimes the clouds get in your way.

Well, while exploring local subreddit r/Albany, I found a video that someone posted as they landed at the Schenectady Airport on a personal plane. The weather is perfect and it’s just interesting to see what you can point out on the journey.

Personally, I would’ve been terrified that I would drop my camera or phone but thankfully this person shared the really cool footage.

Mohawk River, Casino and landing at Schenectady Airport, Sunday evening 6.14.20 from r/Albany

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