CDTA Bikes Back on Monday

You usually see them on streets all over the Capital Region but this year, because of COVID-19, they were postponed. Well, now CDTA announced when the bikes will be back!

CDTA announced that they will be slowly placing their CDTA Cycle bikes around the area. To start, they will be placed near parks and trails for recreational riding. Then, we can soon thereafter expect to see them on the streets.

In regards to sanitation and protection from COVID-19, the Times Union describes what we can expect, “Bicycles will be spaced apart in the racks to allow for social distancing, and each bike will be equipped with hand sanitizer for use before and after riding.”

“CDPHP Cycle! has been a hit since it was first introduced, but we knew the program needed changes to keep it successful during COVID-19,” said CDTA CEO Carm Basile. “Our team has redesigned the operations plan, complete with a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting process and methods to make customers feel safe and secure when using bikes. With these updates, residents will be able to safely enjoy this service and bike throughout the Capital Region.”

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