cookie.Saratoga’s Flavor-Packed Cookies

Craving a delicious cookie? Have you gotten cookie.Saratoga sent to your house yet? Well, then you’re missing out.

I had the chance to experience some delicious treats from cookie.Saratoga. Three different kinds of treats, actually. I tried the chocolate chip, the double chocolate chip, and the white chocolate cranberry orange.

To start, I always find it best to start off with the chocolate chip. It’s like the signature cookie to any batch. What’s great about these cookies is that they’re soft on the inside but have that bit of crunch on the outside. Also, they may look small but they are full of chocolate chips.

Next, double chocolate chip. It wasn’t over-sugared chocolately but it’s perfect for a certain time you may be digging in the cabinets for chocolate (ladies, you know).

My favorite, though, was the white chocolate cranberry orange. You can see the white chocolate chips and the cranberry bits but that hint of orange sneaks up on you. The flavors blend so well together, you’ll be eating this whole bag.

Want more about the cookies? Check out my video below. I didn’t have a chance to microwave the cookies before the video but if you want to eat these cookies at their best, pop them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. That melty chocolate is indescribable. You have to try it for yourself!

You can order yourself some cookies from cookie.SARATOGA by either going to their website or emailing them at

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