Square One Cafe: Vegan Food in Schenectady


Square One Cafe: Vegan Food in Schenectady

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Vegan or not, there’s a new cafe on Jay Street in Schenectady and you have to give Square One Cafe a try!

I’m not vegan but I’ve always said that if someone would make vegan food for me, I would eat it. I like vegan food but the words “seitan” and “bulgar” intimidate me in the kitchen. Now, I’ve found that place to make the food for me and I’m so happy they’re in Schenectady.

Square One Cafe says on their menu that their goal is “to make plant-based food readily (as tastily available).” Vegan is a tough diet to stick to but it is more environmentally-friendly and, of course, animal-friendly as well.

They offer breakfast and lunch and it’s so interesting to see what they replace certain meat products with. For example, their lox bagel is carrot lox, their eggs are scrambled tofu and the cheese in the mac and cheese is from cashews.

I had the Mount Pleasant Mac Wrap ($12) with crispy BBQ (or Buffalo) seitan mixed with mac and cheese, coleslaw, and BBQ/Buffalo sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. With each lunch order, you have a choice of chips and a pickle, side salad, chipotle potato salad, pasta salad, mac salad and mac and cheese. I don’t even like coleslaw and I really enjoyed it.

For those of you who have never experimented with vegan food, give it a try. Seitan doesn’t have a real distinct flavor (Especially covered in BBQ or Buffalo sauce) so maybe start with what I ordered and go from there. It’s worth a try and who knows, you may find something/some place new you like!

Also, FYI their chai is fantastic! 🙂

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