Capital Region May Move Into Phase Three Weds

Five regions in Upstate New York are expected to move into the next phase and that includes the Capital Region!

I know I keep saying this but it really is slowly but surely. The Times Union is reporting that the state “released new guidance” for businesses who may open for phase three and that could mean the Capital Region opening as soon as next Wednesday.

In this phase, restaurants will be allowed to open but only to half-capacity with parties 10 or less. The tables must be positioned six feet or more apart or have physical barriers between them. Employees must wear masks and customers must wear them until they sit down. Bars and “communal tables” can also open as long as parties can keep a distance of six feet.

Personal care services like tattoo and nail salons will only operate by appointment and frequently clean tools. They will close waiting rooms and “prioritize social distancing.” Customers will have to wait in cars for their appointment and tattoo parlors are being asked to place designs in the windows.

Is it perfect? No. Is it back to “normal?” No. It’s better than completely quarantined though, right?

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