Is the New Fish Fry in Schenectady Off the Hook?

We love our fish fry in the Northeast and if you think you’ve tried them all, there’s a new place in town.

The location has been home to a ton of different restaurants but based on the flavors of this fish fry, I think Off the Hook is here to stay!

The new kid on Upper Union Street, Schenectady, opened at the beginning of the month. Though they can’t allow seating inside, they’re still offering take-out.

Along with fish fry, Off the Hook also offers clam rolls, scallop rolls, shrimp rolls, oyster rolls, fish dinners, fried munchies, and seafood by the pound. I ordered a fish fry sandwich and a tuna and rings that actually ended up being more tuna and shells.

You can call it a sandwich as much as you can call a hot dog a sandwich since it comes on a hot dog roll. The fish fry was crispy, moist, and delicious. It’s everything you can ask for in the fish fry. If you like fish fry, support this brand new local business, you’ll love it!

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