Delicious Downtown Dough Delicacies [VIDEO]


Delicious Downtown Dough Delicacies [VIDEO]


No one is happier than me that the Capital Region has gone cookie-happy since the start of this pandemic. Need another cookie to try? Have to seen Downtown Dough Albany?

Everyone loves cookies. There’s something about a cookie that just brings a smile to your face. It’s no wonder that during this strange and confusing time that cookies are successful. Recently, I had the chance to try some cookies from Downtown Dough and their flavors were incredible.

In order to try Downtown Dough cookies, you gotta keep an eye out for their cookie drops through Instagram. They’re based in Albany, using eggs from Rotterdam, butter from Ancramdale, and extracts from Schenectady. How’s that for #local?

Are you asking your self “What’s a cookie drop?” Keep an eye on their Instagram (maybe even turn on notifications) and then, you’ll see when they announce that you can order a box of cookies. Their cookies come in 6 different flavors each week. You don’t get to choose the flavors but you will know what they are in advance.

They have a ton of great cookies options, take a look at the flavors I got to try:

NOTE: I was given these cookies but the opinions in the video are truthful, honest, and mine.

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