Want to take one drive and see five states at once?

Drive down Route 23 through Greene County and you should see a small pullover. What you may not realize is that from that spot, you’re looking at five different states at once.

According to Only in Your State, stop at the Five States Lookout and you’ll be able to see the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, the Connecticut Valley, and the Helderberg Mountains of New York.

For the exact location and more about the Catskills, you can check out the Great Northern Catskills website. TripAdvisor has some great recommendations if you happen to be in the area for restaurants, etc.

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Abandoned Plane Crash Hike in the Catskills [PHOTO]

We have the most beautiful mountains and places to hike in Upstate New York but I didn’t realize that there’s a local area that shows you something different from the summit, instead not one but two abandoned plane crashes.

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