Schenectady’s St. Anthony’s Cancels 2020 Festa

You probably knew it was coming in the back of your mind, but if you’re from Schenectady, it still hurts to read it.

Schenectady’s St. Anthony’s Church has officially announced that they have canceled this year’s Italian Festival due to the coronavirus.

“Festa,” as it is commonly known, is a huge deal in Schenectady and was originally scheduled for June 5-7. It’s an annual festival to eat some cavatelli, drink some peaches in wine, and end your night with some fried dough and some great live music.

According to the Daily Gazette, St. Anthony’s posted the news to their Facebook page saying, “It is with great sadness that we announce our decision to cancel the 2020 festa in honor of our patron saint, St. Anthony…several weeks ago, amid the current pandemic, we came to this decision after much consideration.”

They also added that Festa will be back at St. Anthony’s in 2021.

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