Bill May Allow Continuation of Alcohol Delivery

Since we’ve been inside our houses, a new trend has started (no, I don’t mean cookies) – alcohol delivery. Local restaurants have been able to deliver alcohol to your house, and word is it may continue after we’ve reopened too.

In order to survive and adapt to the current crisis, many restaurants have added the ability to sell alcohol with their take-out/delivery. A new bill will allow that to continue to two years after New York has reopened.

According to the Times Union, “premises licensed by the State Liquor Authority could sell only beer for takeout/delivery. A governor’s order extended that to cocktails and containers of wine, liquor and other alcohol.”

With this new bill, restaurants and bars would continue to be able to do this for two years after the emergency expires. With the increase in home eating being something that will most likely continue after the emergency is over, a local restaurant owner said that allowing alcohol will continue that restaurant’s ambiance in the home.

The law would continue as it is now, meaning that alcohol must be ordered with food and in closed containers.

Personally, it seems as if restaurants are advertising their alcoholic beverages just as much as the special they have for the night. It’s something that, especially during this warmer weather season, seems like a good idea to continue. If I’m already home, it’s no different than drinking at home except the drinks are a lot better than anything I could make myself. What do you think about this bill?

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