Malta Drive-In Rules for Opening Weekend

It’s taking a little while but we’re slowly starting to return to normal. One of those signs is a summer staple, the drive-ins, opening for business. If you plan on going to the theatre this weekend, make sure you know the rules.

Malta Drive-In will be opening tomorrow and have shared some guidelines to follow for those planning to go. First, they’re only allowing 50% capacity. Vehicles will be spaced 12 feet apart. You’re allowed to have two chairs to sit outside of your car but you must wear masks while sitting in them.

You will be allowed to order food, but you can only order it online. When your food is ready, they will text you. If you bring food from home, there is still a $5 surcharge, according to CBS6. Restrooms will be available but will have an attendant. The attendant will not allow anyone in the restroom without a mask. Every other stall and sink is blocked off and you must wash your hands. They ask that you limit your restroom use.

This weekend, screen #1 will be Trolls: World Tour and Jumanji: the Next Level. Screen #2 will be The Wretched and a recent remake of The Invisible Man. Admission prices are the same: Adult Tickets (age 12 and older):$10.00 / Children Tickets (age 11 and under): $5.00.

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