Explore Capital Region Historic Sites Right from Your Couch

One of the best things about living in the area is that we have a wide range of beautiful historical sites. Looking for something to do while you’re stuck home? Explore!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many historic sites are closed to the public. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore them virtually. Hudson Valley Magazine recently posted about Hudson Reality Capture who took the time to do the physical exploration for you and then put it online for you to experience.

The point is to take visitors inside 3D models of some great historical landmarks. It’s not just an overview either. In some instances, you can explore different rooms, select tours to go on, and they even give bits of history on some key points of each location.

So far, they have “Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center, Burden Iron Works Museum, Troy Public Library, and Albany‚Äôs Cathedral of All Saints, to name a few.” It’s fascinating to learn some new facts about places we’ve heard about for so long. It’s also great to actually be inside a building that’s not our own house, even if just virtually.

Take a look for yourself and, if you feel so inclined, donate to the museums or historical locations you enjoyed. They’re hurting financially right now, too.

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