Jumpin’ Jacks is Open Again…Again


Jumpin’ Jacks is Open Again…Again


Okay, seems as if everything has been fixed and you can finally get your hands on the Jackburger you missed so much!

There are a few things here in the Capital Region that mean summer. One, especially if you’re a Schenectady County resident, is the opening of Jumpin’ Jacks. Since the start of the reign of COVID-19, a lot of normals we’re used to changed. Jumpin’ Jacks didn’t open the weekend they usually do and were unsure if they were ever going to be able to. The beginning of May, we got the golden message on their Facebook page that they will be opening.

It didn’t take long and one day later, they took it back and closed again. In order to accommodate the social distancing guidelines, they implemented a phone system. That phone system failed them but no worries, because they’re back!

The Daily Gazette reported that this past weekend, Jumpin’ Jacks was open again! They have a new phone system and new guidelines which they hope will continue to work for them. “

The new system involves patrons calling a single phone number, then selecting whether they want ice cream or food. Once an order is placed, patrons will then drive to the exit door for ice cream orders or to the back parking lot for food orders. The food or ice cream will then be brought out to the cars.”

So, if you’ve been waiting for your Jackburger and curly fries, wait no longer because Jumpin’ Jacks is back!

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