Great Escape to Adopt Reservation-Only System

We don’t know when we can expect the Great Escape to open but we already know that the experience is going to be a little different when it does.

Great Escape in Queensbury has announced that though they don’t know the exact date they’ll be opening, they’re joining the rest of the Six Flags locations and adopting a reservation-style system.

According to the Post Star, “Every visitor, including season pass holders and members, will have to reserve a date before going to the park. Only people with reservations made in advance will be allowed to enter.” Their goal is to limit the amount of people in the park at one time. This will make following social distancing guidelines easier and cut down on lines.

In regards to how the system will be working, they’re not quite sure yet. For example, they’re unsure when people will make reservations or if they can make reservations for more than one day at once. They have some time to figure it out, though, since they’re in phase 4 of the reopening process.

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