Food Network to Feature Lake George in Series


Food Network to Feature Lake George in Series


If you’re a Food Network fan, you may recognize some familiar restaurants in an upcoming series to air this summer.

The Foy Family own two restaurants in Bolton Landing and one in Diamond Point but they will soon be able to add television personalities to their list.

Thursday, June 4th, the Food Network will premiere a show called “Summer Rush,” according to the Times Union. It will be a four-part series focusing on the family and how they “work to keep their businesses operating smoothly during the busiest weeks of the year.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the family and their restaurants: “Buddy Foy Jr. and wife Jennifer Foy operate the high-end restaurant Chateau on the Lake, specializing in international flavors. Jesse Foy and wife Jessica Foy run the local burger and fish joint, Diamond Point Grille. Their parents, Buddy Foy Sr. and Cate Foy have owned one of the oldest places in town, Cate’s Italian Garden.”

We all in this area know how crazy the Lake George region can get over the summer (well, a regular, non-pandemic-filled summer, anyway). This show will give you a behind the scenes look at changes the restaurant makes during the season and how they operate during their busiest time to the year.

We still have a little bit of time before the show airs but until then, they recently released a promotional video and I can’t wait to watch when this show airs!

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