Jumpin’ Jacks Closed…..Again


Jumpin’ Jacks Closed…..Again


Jumpin’ Jacks opening is a sure sign that summer’s coming. First, we thought that was going to be taken away from us because of the coronavirus. Then, it opened. Now, it’s closed?

Just one day after their highly publicized opening, Jumpin’ Jacks is closed again. Jumpin’ Jacks was utilizing a phone system to get the orders through. According to CBS6, that phone system seems to be giving them problems.

If you were to order from Jumpin’ Jacks, they asked that you waited until you were in the parking lot. Then, you would call a particular number and put your order in. The same goes for ice cream. It seems as if that’s were the issues were.

They posted on their Facebook page “5/7 2:15pm WE WILL BE CLOSING until further notice. We are having trouble with the phone system. We will keep you updated with a reopening day/time. Thank you for your patience!” It seems, based on a previous post, that calls were dropping or not going through.

The plus side though, it most likely means that they won’t be closed for the whole season. We hope that they can figure out the phone system (or another system) out sooner rather than later!

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