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How great would it be to have delicious artistan bread delivered to your house each week? Let me introduce you to The Bread Butler bread delivery.

The Bread Butler is a bread delivery company based out of Albany. Their goal is to make “the best bread you have ever tasted,” according to their website.

When you buy bread from a store, it’s fresh but was baked days before and then packaged and maybe sat on shelves for a day or two. The Bread Butler delivers the bread to your house within hours of it being baked. Yes, warm bread delivered to your house.

You order your bread through their website and they only make the bread that is ordered. That means no waste and guaranteed warm bread. When I had it delivered to my house, I couldn’t believe how soft it was. It honestly felt like a pillow I could lay down and take a nap on. Out of the two (now, three) flavors of bread they had to choose from, I went with “The Carla..” As they describe it, “This bread is milder and lighter in texture than our other breads with mostly white flour.  It has a touch of freshly milled whole wheat for flavor. The crust is lighter in color than the Zeta and features a medium amount of sesame seeds.  The Carla is very similar to typical Italian style bread, but better!”

This is a bread that you could use for anything. The taste if so different from other bread I’ve had but I really enjoyed it. It lasts quite a few days and really doesn’t lose that freshly-baked flavor. Luckily, the bread is so delicious that it doesn’t last long, I have two more styles to try! Keep an eye out, they’ll be starting their subscription service back up soon so you’ll never have to go without this bread again!

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