REVIEW: Toro Cantina’s Taco Box for 4-6


REVIEW: Toro Cantina’s Taco Box for 4-6


When I was thinking of where to go for Cinco de Mayo, I had one place on my mind – Toro Cantina. They were only open for a day before NYPause so I had to check it out.

Cinco de Mayo on Taco Tuesday just makes the day feel a tad more important, no? I joke, of course, but in my journey to support as many local businesses as I can during this time it just gave me an excuse to order tacos.

Toro Cantina announced their opening day back in February. Unlucky for them, it happened to be one day before restaurants were forced to close because of NYPause. That’s right, they were open for one day. Well they, like many restaurants in the area, have figured out a way to stay open with delivery or curb-side pick-up. I had heard great potential for this place so it was my first thought when I was looking for tacos.

I ordered the box online and got both a text and email updating me with my order status. I parked outside of the restaurant, told them I was here, and I got my food while keeping social distancing. As busy as I’m sure they were, it was like an oiled machine.

Now, for the food. I just have to start off with “Wow” for not only the flavor but the amount we were given! The two bags of food were full of two containers of beef (you have a choice with meat, we doubled up on beef), a container of rice, container of black beans, a bag of cheese, a bag of lettuce, a bag of limes, a salad, corn and 50/50 tortillas, and all of the sauces (mexican crema, salsa verde, salsa roja, chipotle aioli, salsa negra, pico de gallo, and salsa cantina). Honestly, enough food for the three of us for the next couple of day.

I was expecting ground beef but what they gave us was so much more delicious. I loved having all of the options of what to put on my taco and I’m still excited for leftovers for dinner tonight! Also, the margarita wasn’t a bad choice either 🙂

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