If you were looking for returning to Lake George this summer to bring back some normalcy, the summer may be looking a little different for you.

One thing I look forward to over the summer is beautiful weather, sitting by the lake in the village and watching fireworks and now, the coronavirus may make that just a memory.

The Post Star detailed how the economy right now is making Lake George look at events and potential cuts, fireworks may be a part of that. They go on to say, “Mayor Robert Blais told the board that he estimated that revenues would be down $450,000 with the fall-off in sales tax, parking fees and other revenues. Canceling the weekly shows would save $50,000. He said he does not believe he would be able to line up any business sponsors in the current economic climate.”

They would keep the annual July 4th fireworks but cut the weekly fireworks. Granted, we don’t know what or how long NYPause will last and if fireworks would even be allowed this year. On top of the fireworks, they would be cutting the concerts on Mondays and Tuesdays as well.

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