We keep hearing that they’re “coming” but the real question is, are they coming to New York?

So, first, kudos to whoever came up with the name of these things because damn, that makes an impression. The reason they’re named that is because they decimate bees and the hives they live in. It’s like Law & Order: Bee Unit with these things. The reason we need to worry? Seriously, have you seen how huge they are?

The news is reporting that the bees have been seen in Washington State which is good news to us because bees are slow and it would take them an awfully long time to fly their little selves to this coast. We all still have questions and luckily the Post Star took some time to answer some of them.

  • First, how did they get here? Okay, so you’re not gonna like this answer but scientists have no clue. The only thought right now is in cargo somehow, which means we’re apparently the new vacation spot?
  • Second, what do you do if you see one? This seems self-explanatory – go the other way.. Again, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW BIG THESE THINGS ARE? Something tells me you’re not gonna wanna linger around to check it out.
  • And my added question, can the hurt humans? I mean a piece of paper can hurt humans if it tries hard enough but I mean, really hurt us (that’s just what we’d need right now). The stingers of these things are huge and can go through regular beekeeper suits. Will one sting kill you? If you’re not allergic, probably not, but a couple and it could be fatal. Oh, and did I mention that they can sting you over and over again? Great, huh?

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