Jumpin’ Jacks Announces Opening


Jumpin’ Jacks Announces Opening


We thought that maybe it wasn’t going to happen this year but finally, we have a date! Jumpin’ Jacks is opening!

After being so open with customers about debating whether or not to open, Jumpin’ Jacks has finally announced that their opening is planned for this Tuesday, May 5th. The system to get your orders, though, in response to the social distancing protocols, is a bit of a change.

According to CBS 6, Jumpin’ Jacks will ask that everyone stay in their cars. To order your food, you’ll have to do it over the phone WHILE YOU’RE THERE (not ahead of time). They mentioned getting four new numbers to handle the number of calls. The interesting part of all of this is how you know your order is done. While you’re parked and waiting, turn your radio to 540AM to listen for when your order is ready.

It sounds like an interesting system, hopefully, it works out well. I’m just happy to know that they’re finally open for the season! They will not be accepting any cash, only credit cards this year.

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  • I don’t this announcement anywhere but here. They have no new posts since March…where did you get your info?

    • I cited CBS6 as my source within the post who spoke with the General Manager.

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