Send Me Waffles Unboxing [VIDEO]

Looking to have a connection with someone who isn’t inside of your home? Why don’t you send them something local to put a smile on their face? Plus, who doesn’t love waffles?

Send Me Waffles is a local company that doesn’t just send any ol’ waffles, these are Belgian Liege Waffles. Now, I know that look on your face right now because I made the same one. Belgian Liege Waffles are dough based rather than batter based like the ones you eat from breakfast. They also contain white sugar beads (pearl sugar) that melt when you heat the waffles. They add a little bit a sweetness where you won’t even need the maple syrup (but, you can always add it).

Waffles are also good for any occasion: holidays, care packages, corporate gifts, event favors, but this week, we’re celebrating a birthday!

Send Me Waffles created their new birthday waffle to celebrate their very first birthday. To celebrate with them, I ordered a cocoa waffle, the signature sugar waffle, and their brand new happy birthday waffle (with sprinkles).

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